Monday, October 25, 2010

Men's Retreat

Okay, so this week's post is going to be really short and I apologize. It has been a really busy week.

The highlight of the week though was this weekend. The FSU Navigators went to Georgia for our yearly Men's retreat. There we met up with all our brother ministries in the area including Valdosta State, UNF, USF, and UF. There was a competition between the schools where we had "Man Challenges" to see who would take home the trophy this year. Sadly FSU lost the trophy and USF took it.

But on to Christly matters. It was great getting to meet new brothers that I had heard stories about. And all the talks and workshops were great. We got to spend a lot of quality time together and grow in Christ. It was awesome sitting down having a quiet time with some guys one morning and seeing that the entire goal of this weekend was for us to grow as Men of Christ, to follow His image and to be leaders. Of all this though I would say that one of my best realizations was that, while I was in Georgia growing in Christ learning how to be a better "Man" and a better leader, the women were coming together in Gainesville to become stronger "Women" of Christ. And few will realize that what the women are doing on their retreat is really of great service to the men. They are learning to be sisters that we may one day date. Now this may seem silly, but when you look at it we should (and most of us do want to) yoke ourselves to an equal (i.e. a strong Christian). It is really great just seeing how the women were working for the men (and the men for the woman) although we were hundreds of miles away from each other. Thank you sisters!

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